Resident Engineering and Project Management Services

  • Value engineering (participation in formal VE sessions)
  • Constructability reviews (evaluate potential construction issues with current design)
  • Agency coordination
  • Contract document reviews
  • Cost reviews
  • Preparation of specifications of Project Special Provisions focusing on milestones and constraints, project interface coordination, construction staging and traffic management during construction
  • Resident engineering
  • Project management

Design Issue Focus GroupsThis service targets the needs of Owners that have people within their organization who have overlapping interests in the form and function of proposed new, or remodeled facilities. The goal of the Design Issue Focus Group is to bring these people together, and in a group forum discuss their varying and often opposing objectives and requirements, and establish a consensus all involved can embrace.

Construction Issue ResolutionThis service is intended to help Owners address specific project construction issues, and can be considered an adjunct to the Project Management Audit.

Project Management AuditsProject Management Audits can occur during any phase of a project, whether it be planning, design or construction. The purpose of the audit is to determine, in a non-judgmental way, where the roadblocks to forward progress are on a project.